Lacy Clark Ellman


The wonderful website by Lacy Clark Ellman came into my life at just the right time. The clarity of her website gave answers to a lot of my questions. The fist contact with Lacy was an article she had written about wanderlust to be a tool to be used in our spiritual quest. This was a one stop site I had not found prior to finding her site, that touched on the aspect of contemplation, spirituality, and pilgrimage. Having encountered her website, I had a conversation with her through Facebook, inquiring about what platform she used to develop her website. From this conversation, I was inspired to begin my first blog, and many more after this. Here is Lacy’s wonderful site.

Lacy A Sacred Journey

Lacy Clark Ellman has written a wonderful book called Pilgrim Principles, it gives wonderful exercises to help you as a person encounter the sacred, giving helpful steps to practice, toward becoming a seeker of the sacred.


Lacy Clark Ellman

When reading Lacy’s Pilgrim Principles there was so much I loved and I will give you just some of the highlights, the actual sections, and phrases I underlined in my book when reading the book. I’m still in the process of reading the book for lent 2017. It is only a smattering, as there are so many wonderful thought I have come across, and I have just began reading, when writing this review, if it can be called a review. There are excellent exercises to practice at the end of each chapter. 

On pilgrimages: journeys of sacred encounters, transformation often occurs.

“While travel can impact your spirituality in a powerful way, you don’t necessarily have to leave home to live like a pilgrim. Pilgrimage speaks to a longing for something more and a faith that something beyond ourselves can be experienced if we are open to the search. To live as a pilgrim at home, all you need to do is see your life as a journey and your role as a seeker of the Sacred.” pg 3.

“Above all, [the author states] I hope that this is a resource you can return again and again whenever you need a reminder that you are not alone on your journey, and that what you most earnestly seek can indeed be found.” pg4.

“It is especially important for the pilgrim to cultivate awareness of the Sacred in the everyday because the journey for the pilgrim is alway a journey toward the Sacred, whether abroad or in daily life.” pg 14.



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