Ask The Question, Who am I?

Who was I born to be? I need to fulfill the original self-hood given me at birth by God!

That day in the coming world when I die and meet my maker, the question could be asked of me. Why where you not Mark?

Who is Mark? Put your own name there. To be my authentic and real me! Our childhood, our interests,  our temperament give clues, our lives lay out clues to be figured out.

Vocation is a gift to be received. To find the voice of true self.

It id knowing yourself, knowing weaknesses and strengths!

There are things we die in, and things we thrive in!

What do I die in, just sucks the energy right out of you?

What do I thrive in, so energizes you, pumps you up?

Our strongest gifts are usually those we are barely aware of possessing: they are part of our God given nature, with us from the moment we drew our first breath, and we are no more conscious of having them than we are of breathing.

What are the fears that dominate my life? The things I want to avoid!

We are only given a moment to fulfill our purpose in life!

I saw a leaf spin its way down to the ground. Its task is over, the season of lush life now over, and has fallen, blown away by the wind, life is but a mist blown away by the wind. Here today and gone tomorrow. As the leaf falls to the ground, we will one day fall to our knees in homage to God, be accountable with how we have lived our life, how we have used the gift of life.

Let us be courageous and encourage people to enter and reach their full potential. There are many negative voice that want to pull us down. Let us be people that do not add to the negative, but be a positive strength, to help all who feel weak and limited. We cannot do this alone, we need men and women who inspire, to compel us forward to the limitless possibilities there are with God by your side.

There will be people featured who have motivated, encouraged, and inspired me, some in person, but mostly through books and media and their online presence.


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