Mike Henry

mike henry

Mike Henry, what can I say about this wonderful man of God. He has been my minister, my friend, a person of encouragement, most of all someone who has pushed me on to reach more of my potential. We have praised God together, done art together, proofread my first book, desiring to support in ways he could. He has had his struggles, and pressed on through the hardships, amazing me as he continued to smile and joke in the adversity. He eventually received the opportunity to work at WFCJ, and at last entered into a place to utilize his many gifts.




Mike Henry

WFCJ Midday Host / Production

Mike gave his heart to Jesus as an unchurched teenager and credits Christian radio with one of his key sources of spiritual nourishment through his early years. Since then, he has been serving the Lord through communication arts in Christian theater, journalism, radio, and creative teaching ministries. In 1988, he entered the realm of Christian radio and ended up working for the prestigious WMHK (Columbia, SC), WCSG (Grand Rapids, MI), and Mission Network News. After many years, he began serving in pastoral roles, which eventually led him to the Miami Valley in 2012. He holds a BA in Communication, an MA in Education and a Doctorate in Ministry. Today, he serves as an associate pastor and professor of pastoral theology. He lives in Brookville, Ohio, with his wife of 28 years and their youngest children. He is thrilled and honored to be part of STCM’s mission to reach the lost and lead people into a closer walk with Jesus.

Mike Graduating ii

“After many years of classes, papers, and deadlines, writing, and re-writing, discussions and presentations, projects, interviews, transcribing, analyzing data and putting it all together into a thesis paper, I am VERY happy and proud to introduce my husband, Dr. Michael W. Henry!! He defended his doctoral thesis on Sunday and passed with many accolades. We still need to hire an editor to make sure the formatting is correct and there are no typos or grammar errors. His graduation for his Doctor of Ministry degree will be in May. I am so amazed by this man!! God has blessed him in so many ways. I am so glad to be able to share all of this with him.” Karen Henry. (Facebook 2015)

He has authored many books, sadly he has had no breakthrough in the publishing market, that has amounted to financial compensation. He has various subject ranging from music, education, and genealogy, they are all birthed from his many passions. They can be purchased at Lulu.com.



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