Mark Condy

How do you talk about yourself? This can be easy, and difficult. I’m originally from Scotland and now live in the USA. I have been here in the US since 2001.

The journey has been an adventurous one with the Lord. Having its roller coaster experiences, its twists, and turns, smooth, but mostly turbulent and feeling like I have been shaken around.

Through the process of discerning the Lords call on my life. I have been given or gained several hats, these I have put on at different times in my life. I have been a stone mason, an artist, stained glass artisan, a student in England, Scotland, and in the USA, an Associate Minister, Worship leader, Worship planner/ designer, Visuals artist, a Counter-top fabricator, worked in telecommunication at a call center, a researcher, Librarian.

The list goes on and on, and the last item is my present occupation, working at a Library in a seminary. This role primarily is to serve, by helping to aid the development of future pastors, and aiding them in their vocational call, with their research needs, in their studies.

My vocational call is still in the discerning stage, and this has felt like a very long discerning process. My priority presently is the care of my family, looking after my younger sons and helping my lovely wife, she being the main earner for the home. So, I run the home, and work part-time at the library, giving me quality time with my kids and the opportunity to write when I find a free moment.

I have created a couple of coloring books, that I have designed and self-published.  I’m presently in the process of writing a fictitious novel, The Anam Cara: A Celtic Tale of Tobar’s Transformation. This about a teenager trying to find his way in life. Not having done a good job of it.  His life takes a turn for the better, when he is moved to yet another family. He is introduced to Brendan and through him to the Monarch of the Universes. Tobar is assigned an Anam Cara, after having been in the care of Bren, a father role figure. This older man, demonstrated, a love and care, Tobar had not previously experienced.

The outline of the book or the premise of book, is based on having and Anam Cara. Someone who come along side you, giving support, spiritual counsel and direction. On a personal note, I have had an aimlessness life, not certain of my life direction. This is reflected in my character Tobar’s life, having no intentional aim for his life. I begun to have more of a focus, or aim in my life, with having been introduced to God. Resulting in a desire to be helping people have an encounter with God.

My new focus is touching on spiritual formation, contemplation, this is a relatively new  direction for me. I have had an attraction to Celtic Christian Spirituality, for a number of years and contemplative practices. Through these practices and insights, I hope to bring a restoration of the people to God, that brings about a transformation and restoration of spiritual interest, and to kindle a deeper relationship to God, but ultimately only God or the Monarch of the Universe as the Divine is named in my book, can bring this to pass.

Here is a sample of my book read aloud, it is still a work in progress. I actually shared this segment as part of a sermon a few weeks ago, hope you enjoy, for those who take a moment to view the video.

My thinking with regard to an Anam Cara: The Benefit of a Soul Friend or Anam Cara

The following is my latest coloring book, some history of the Celtic Saints and a number of Celtic Crosses that Mark Condy has designed. This book was created to slow people down, to help take a moment in the business of life. To enjoy the therapeutic practice of coloring. Why do we let the kids have all the fun of coloring, let’s revisit the practice of our childhood, and enjoy coloring and with doing this, be adding some color to your life?

My Website has a link to where you can purchase the coloring book if you so desire.

Mark's Treasury Of Celtic Christian Spirituality

I also have a blog.

Moment of the sacred



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