Sid Roth

Sid Roth

This man has had an influence on me, his search for the supernatural move of God is not matched by many, in my opinion. I first came in contact with his ministry when I worked at a call center, answering calls for Christian ministries. Sid Roth’s ministry was one I felt more comfortable with answering the calls for, as this ministry looked to be good. The guests he had on his show where good and their products interesting. There, however, was a lot of products from his guests on his show, all sounding wonderful.  If I had bought them all, I would end up going bankrupt and would have to be a recluse to study all the materials 🙂

A year or so, before hearing Mark Virkler on Sid Roth’s show, I had stumbled across Mark’s book and found it very helpful. I got to hear him for the first time on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural.

Below is a sample of my journaling and a card with the steps Mark  Virkler felt where necessary to hear God’s voice. I did find the process encouraging and reassuring, having gone through the process, it did feel like I had union with God. I stopped the process because of the recommendation in the book, that you need people to be accountable too. This I found difficult, as I didn’t have a large circle of trusted advisors to go too.


This was Mark’s advice, “note that we are looking for spirit-led counsel and not what other people are thinking in their minds. We never ask what a person thinks about our journaling. We ask, does your spirit bear witness that this came from Christ? Also, we are going to several people (two or three), and not just one. Finally, we take what they have suggested and we present it back to God in prayer, saying God, show me any truth in what they are saying. When submission is done right, it is a wonderful blessing. When it is done wrong, it is a terrible curse. Do it right!” pg 44.




Here is a typed extract from my journal for those who may not be able to read my writing.

I know what is best for you. You are struggling with your place in life, knowing where you fit in, don’t worry about this, abide in me. Out of this remaining in me will flow the course of your life. So make time, and make me your Lord and God the number one priority. I know the way, I am the truth, I’m the life that sustains you. Draw near to me, I have said,  those who wait upon me will renew their strength. You always try to do things in your own strength, let me teach you to be empowered by the Holy Spirit. Everything has to flow out of the Spirit, being led by him, a comforter, peace giver, teacher. He knows the plans I have for you, so be led by the Holy Spirit, enabled by Him to become all that I have envisioned for you to become.

Songs that get you in the right frame of mind to approach God:

In the Secret in the quiet place

Turn your eyes on Jesus

Make the words of theses songs a prayer before you approach God, to seek the Lords counsel.


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