The Sacrament of the present moment

Curtis Kneblik is a friend I met a number of years ago. By the grace of God, I walked into the retreat center where he worked at the time. He welcomed me, and listened, allowed me to ask questions. From these questions, conversations flowed, and our friendship developed.

I also had an opportunity to go on a retreat in 2010 to a Schoenstatt Shrine in Wisconsin, I had a wonderful experience with my Catholic brothers and sisters, who made me feel very much at home.

Going with this group on retreat, I learned a part of a prayer that I will forever treasure.

Divine Providence

You know the way for me,
You know the time.
In your hands, I trustingly place mine,
Your plan is perfect born of perfect love,
You know the way for me, that is enough.


By Curtis Kneblik Be genuine

Curtis also recommended this book:

Abandonment to divine providence – Jean – Pierre De Caussade.

This book is a wonderful book, every page is a wealth of insight and inspiration. Following are a number of quotes from the book that spoke to me, which I  have extracted from my journal.

“If we do not concentrate entirely on doing God’s will we shall find neither happiness nor holiness, no matter what pious practices we adopt, however excellent they may be if we are not satisfied with what God chooses for you, what else can please you.” Pg 31 Caussade.

“Nothing benefits us that does not arise from God’s will, and there is absolutely nothing that gives us more peace or does more to make us holy than obeying the will of God.” Pg 31 Caussade.

“For some, God may demand the accomplishment of things which go beyond their ordinary duties. Those upon whom he makes this demand will recognize it because they will be attracted by it and will, as it were, feel inspired. If we are one of these, the best thing we can do is to go where inspiration leads us, without ever neglecting to do what we are commanded to do and obeying always those commands which God unexpectedly give us.” pg 32 Caussade.

“If we have abandoned ourselves to God, there is only one rule for us; the duty of the present moment.”

“Submission to God’s will as it reveals itself moment by moment is self – abandonment without reserve, it is submitting with absolute docility to what God is doing within our soul.”

“I feel drawn to write, to read, to question and examine. I obey this feeling, and God, who is responsible for it, thus building up within me a kind of spiritual store which, in the future, will develop into a core of usefulness for myself and for others. This is why it makes it essential for us to be simple-hearted, gentle, compliant and sensitive to the slight breath of these almost imperceptible prompting.” pg 81 Caussade.

Read the book for yourself.

abandonment PDF

“Reflect on this quotation as you decide on today’s small sacrifice: “In order for a lump of clay to be made into a beautiful vessel, it must be entirely abandoned to the potter, and must lie passive in his hands. And,  similarly. in order for a soul to be made into a vessel unto God’s honor, sanctified and meet for the masters’ use, and prepared unto every good work, it must be utterly abandoned to Him and must lie passive in His hand … To a soul ignorant of God, this may look hard; but to those who know Him it is the happiest and most restful of lives. He is our Father, and He knows just what is best.”  – Hannah Whitall Smith, The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life.

Quotation from  Day 287.  A Year With God Living Out the Spiritual Disciplines, Edited by Richard J. Foster and Julia L. Roller.


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