James Slatter


My memories of James and Pamela at Hawick, how I remember them.


Here is a man of deep faith who had a tremendous influence on me as a person. James Slatter, I knew him as”Jim” and it was through church, and his youngest daughter Naomi, that I received this treasure of a friend and was welcomed into a wonderful family.

It was as if I had been adopted into their family, invited along to family Sunday meals after the church service. This is how the relationship developed, around the table and being available to help look after their house and cat when away on vacation. In the last days of their time in Hawick, my hometown, they would visit Cornwall on a frequent basis, looking for a house, that they would find in Helston.

I have fond memories of Cornwall and had the opportunity to visit on a couple of occasions, once for Christmas, and another time with my mother for a summer vacation.

When they went on their excursions, I would house sit, when doing this I could listen to the extensive cassette library of different speakers, and this is when I was introduced to Derek Prince and Derek Prince Ministries.  Prayer for Israel also influenced by Derek Prince. James and Pamela had a love for Israel and went to visit a few times during the time I knew them.

I use to visit on a Wednesday for lunch and Pamela would kindly cook a tasty lunch, and would experiment with different recipes on me, which was wonderful for me.

When I moved to America and them to Cornwall our friendship continued receiving letters of correspondence, and also support when going through Bible College.

Naomi who I mentioned earlier had a tremendous influence on me and also her older sister Bethany.

I had the opportunity to stay with Naomi and Drew her husband and family when visiting Scotland to visit with my family, and they provided home and hospitality for a night, making it easier to catch our flights. The song given to me when leaving Hawick is still as meaningful today, as when I first heard it.

The second song actually composed by Bethany is one I also love and appreciate. Every time I hear it, the song reminds me of Scotland. I found out years after that Bethany had composed the song, not knowing she had. It adds further meaning to me discovering where she wrote it, and she sang the song to me live at Naomi’s at our last visit in 2015. http://wp.me/p5IKWj-80

Sadly James Slatter lost his fight against cancer on April 10, 2013, and is missed by many, his family especially.

These last songs I feel would resonate with the spirit of James Slatter, looking to Jesus, Jesus being his hope, friend, and Lord. He has now met with his maker and friend.

Pamela and James II

Pamela is an amazing woman still going strong, and being an inspiration to her family and friends, having a strong faith in her Lord. Pamela and James leave a legacy with the next generations, the clan you can see has grown big. There may be a more current photo, this, however, was the only one I could find to demonstrate the legacy of family. All talented in their unique and special ways.

The Clan James and Pamela


I’m thankful for the memories and friendship experienced, and I still believe the song given to me by Naomi, that friends are friends forever if the Lord is Lord of them.

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  1. Dear Mark, it’s so lovely of you to write this. It brought tears to my eyes, reading about how much my family meant to you. Thank you for taking the time to record these thoughts, kind regards, Bethany


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