Beth A. Booram


The process of coming to terms with my God-given dream, is an arduous process, a journey that may take a lifetime. I stumbled across Beth Booram, and her book titled Starting Something New and discovered there was a workshop being offered. The Dream Incubator Workshop, the prospect of growing into my dream was appealing.

I signed up for the workshop, and a few weeks later, went and participated in the experience at Sustainable Faith Indy, which is an Urban retreat center. This was in October 2015, joining a small group of people that were being led by Beth Booram. At this retreat, I received her book, and I have to say that I found her book excellent. It is a handful of case studies of people she has interviewed, that have discerned their God-given purpose and dream, and talk about the process of the maturation of the dream. Discerning if the dream is actually what and who God has made us become, and not be doing solely for doing sake, but allowing God to shape us through the process.

Beth A Booram
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The following are a smattering of quotes from Beth Booran’s book, some of the thoughts that struck me when I was reading the book. These are the thoughts that were meaningful to me,  that I had underlined in pencil as I read. These are a small sample of the wonderful insights to be found. Enjoy the sample and even consider buying her book it is worth investing in, and going through slowly and discerning your God-given dream through the pages of this book, and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

“When I think of calling, I understand it to refer to an overarching life passion and purpose.” pg17. Starting Something New, Beth A. Boorman; IVP Books; Grove IL, 2015.

“We are what he has made us, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand to be our way of life” Ehp 2:10 NRSV” pg 42. Booram.

This following extract resonated with me, encapsulating my hopes and aspirations. “I had some idea of what that’new’ might be – offering hospitality to others, creating a sacred space for conversation, modeling spiritual practices and offering spiritual direction.” pg 43. Booram.

“While calling is also God – given, a dream is a specific application or step toward living out one’s’ calling.” pg 17. Booram.

“While calling is also God – given, a dream is a specific application or step toward living out one’s’ calling.” pg 17. Booram.

“I believe that to effectively realize the creative work of God within us, we must learn to become narrow in our range of focus. It takes great attention and concentration to nurture a creative instinct. I’ve learned from my own process that it wasn’t going to happen unless I remained doggedly fixed on it and refused to be pushed off-center from it. pg18. Booram.

“I didn’t know how to both wait and persevere – something that seemed necessary if I was going to give this dream a go.” pg 112. Booram.

“it’s a desperate place to be when you want something so badly but have little to no ability to make it happen.” pg 33. Booram

It is ok to change my mind, this was a helpful tip, giving myself permission to change my mind, it is ok to make adjustments. Beth and David, (Beth’s husband) were not always in full agreement. Beth felt like she “was a flip-flopper – someone who didn’t really know what she wanted. And I wondered how others with whom I had shared my original vision would react.  Would they question the clarity of my vision and the strength of my commitment.” pg 100. Booram.

This, however, was the process of discovery “having changed my mind, gone back and forth, discovered and rediscovered what I believe to be God’s path forward for me as it related to starting Sustainable Faith Indy.” pg 101. Booram. This is how I feel at times, flip-flopping, coming to terms with what I believe is my person dream from God.

These snippets give you a taste of the book’s content, as it awakens the reader to process the inner stirrings, toward discovering and cultivating the desire that is there in your very being, yearning to find a purpose worth living for, to fulfill what you are created to accomplish.

The Dream Incubator Workshop had a number of exercises to aid the participant, to awaken inspiration and personal desire, and to help conceive that inner dream and longing.

Some of the questions asked where as follows: What do I care about?  What isn’t working? What has to change?

My limited answer was: A new shoot needs first a seed planted, this begins with the seed of longing and discontentment. Longing for more to enter into a place of peace and connection, to know my heart’s desire and the Fathers’ heart.  As I have had aimlessness, help others overcome their fear and aimlessness, where there is a disappointment, fan into flame a hope again, so as to start running back to God, and not away.

There is a longing to be fulfilled, in myself, to produce a space to draw near to God, to know the heartbeat of God, and in my discovering help others have an encounter with God and be transformed in the process, not information alone but to know a restorative touch from God.

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I have not forgotten the experience I had at Sustainable Faith Indy, with Beth Booram, and I look forward to the day when I can go on another retreat. When finances and the right time occurs, and the door opens for me to go by the leading of God.

Thank You, Mark Condy.


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