Wanderlust Productions Darren Wilson

Darren Wilson

Books by Darren Wilson.

My first contact with Darren Wilson’s work was Holy Ghost, seeing some of the previews of the films on Facebook, and then he was offering on Facebook the opportunity to view not just the trailers but the full documentary of his work for a limited time.

I also printed off an employment opportunity reading over the job description, to go along as part of the camera crew on one of his assignments but didn’t think I had enough experience with newer technology, still a dream of mine.

He even teaches the needed knowledge in the film production, I would like to participate one day, but it never feels like I have the money, sounds like a lot of excuses, like we all tell ourselves.  Darren Wilson has not lived a life by the regular rule, and conforming to the limitations of the world, but that of being open to the leading of God. He wows you into believing the possibilities of God, and interviews people and demonstrations of a God who is alive and active today, Darren function in such intimacy, it is amazing, going where God instructs.






If you have not seen any of Darren Wilsons project, you are in for a real treat. Be open to what God wants to do, as God is a God of posibilities, for with God all things are possible.


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