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My name is Mark Condy. I have come to the realization that we all need encouragement to take the leap of faith needed to become the best version of yourself. To go deeper with God, and deeper in our relationships, this in most cases is through the suffering, or reshaping, we experience from God. We need a word or encouragement when God looks to be so distant. Making us see that we cannot walk alone, and we are daily needing reminders, that we are never alone. We have God, family, friends, who only want what is best for us. It is about entrusting our-self into the care of God and trusting those who are the cheerleaders in our life. Be vulnerable, for God knows the way for us and that is enough!

The idea for this site or premise are those people who have been an encouragement to me. People who I have met in person, or who I have met through their writings.

Also from a quote, a line from Lacy Clark Ellman’s Book Pilgrim Principles.

“Perhaps the most powerful form of synchronicity happens in relationship with others, when two paths converge at just the moment when one can be most meaningful to the other… connecting in a way that seemed out of the blue…it feels destined in this moment in time – a Divine chance, a Sacred Encounter.” pg 26 Pilgrim Principles. Lacy Clark Ellman.


Forgive the plug for my book and other websites 🙂 Though if you enjoy this, you may enjoy my other musings.

Have some fun coloring, let’s revisit the practice of our childhood, and enjoy coloring and with doing this, be adding some color to your life?

My Website has a link to where you can purchase the coloring book if you so desire.

Mark's Treasury Of Celtic Christian Spirituality


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