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When reading Tommy Newberry’s book there was so much I loved, the following are some random quotes. I give you just some of the highlights, the actual underlines, from when I read the book, phrases that impacted me. There are so many, what follows are some of the insights that jump from the page of the book for me personally.

“Our circumstances are just a reflection of what is going on inside our secret world of thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.” pg 34.

“As w begin to renew our thinking, our world changes with us.” pg 34.

“Accept that you have been custom made by God to serve an exclusive function in the world.” pg 35.

“Success is the deliberate, measurable pursuit of prayerfully chosen, written goals.” pg 12.

“You are rich with choices, and your choices reveal who you really are.” pg 18.

“You are where you are today because of the choices you have made.” pg 18.

‘While I was making excuses, others just like me were making progress.” pg 19.

“Without a deep sense of purpose, life is devoid of true significance or long-term meaning.” pg 32.

“Determine what God put you here on earth to accomplish.” pg 32.

“A genius is someone who believes in the ideas that God sends and then takes action.”     pg 37.

“What is God whispering in your ear?” pg37.

“Do what you love – love what you do.” pg 37.

“A personal mission statement is a written articulation of your God – given potential – as God sees it.” pg 40.

“Set goals that push the envelope, that are just slightly outside what you currently believe about yourself.” pg 76.

“Once you’ve written down your goals, take time to consider them carefully in prayer. Ask God to give you wisdom about which goals to pursue.” pg 78.

“Success in life comes from one thing: deciding exactly what you want to accomplish and then deliberately choosing to invest the minutes and hours of your life doing only those things that move you in the direction of your goals.” pg 96.

The following goals were inspired by reading Tommy Newberry’s book

Mark’s Goals 2015

How and when these goals unfold in my life, is in the hands of the Lord.

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